Give damaged teeth a new lease on life with endodontic treatment at Stellar Smiles

Endodontic treatment (also known as root canal treatment) restores teeth where internal damage has occurred. Teeth that require root canal treatment are not always painful. However, signs you may need a root canal include a toothache, pain on chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold, dark discolouration of the tooth and swelling. Reasons a tooth may need root canal treatment include decay that has affected the pulp, trauma – a severe knock that affects the pulp, large fillings, severe gum disease, excessive wear of teeth, continual clenching or grinding. Root canal treatment is a straightforward, comfortable process to restore and improve damaged teeth that in the past may have required removal.

Root Canal Treatment

It is carried out when the innermost part of the tooth ‘the pulp’ becomes badly decayed or infected. If left untreated, the nerve will begin to die which could lead to the loss of the tooth. To save the tooth, the infected pulp needs to be removed. Absence of the pulp will not affect the day to day functioning of the tooth. Our expert dentists will perform a 1-3 step treatment, whereby the perished nerve is meticulously removed and the root canal is cleaned and sealed to prevent re-infection.

After the endodontic treatment to repair the internal tooth damage is complete, we strongly recommend a crown to ensure the strength of the tooth is maintained, leaving you with a healthy, natural smile.

Without treatment, the internal structure of the tooth will continue to become infected to the point where it may lead to severe pain and swelling which could be detrimental to your health or require removal. The missing tooth would need to be replaced with an implant, bridge or partial denture to restore chewing function and to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.