The back teeth known as molars and premolars are full of grooves on the biting surfaces called pits and fissures. Food and bacteria often get trapped in these deep grooves and cause tooth decay. Not all toothbrush bristles can reach all the way into the grooves to remove food, plaque and bacteria, so no matter how often you brush your teeth, cavities may still occur in these areas.


The best protection for the biting surfaces of your back teeth is a fissure sealant. A fissure sealant is a tooth coloured plastic liquid material which is applied to the cavity prone pits and fissures, which flows into the grooves sealing out decay-causing bacteria. This makes it easier to clean your teeth, providing protection against decay.


To prevent decay, the best time to place a sealant is just after the tooth erupts. The longevity of sealants depends on factors like your chewing patterns, grinding habits and your diet, occasionally we may need to replace or add a new layer of sealant material to help keep the protective barrier strong and effective.